We supply several varieties of synthetic-material strings, including nylon, carbon fiber, nylgut, silvered metal wound on nylon, copper wound on nylon, and aluminum wound on nylon.   We also sell plain gut (both varnished and unvarnished), silver-plated copper wound on gut and some silver on gut and copper on gut strings, as well as fret gut.
We carry Pyramid and Savarez lute strings, as well as Aquila nylgut strings.  We now have the new Aquila loaded synthetic CD type lute strings, as well as Aquila synthetic fretgut - please inquire.  We can often special-order strings for instruments that need special sizes or materials - such as citterns and bandoras.
Our plain gut strings are made by Kuerschner and come in many different gauges, between approx. .40 mm and 2.50 mm.  Most of them are between 1 meter and 1.8 meters in length.  Many sizes are available both in unvarnished and varnished lengths.  We also carry fretgut in gauges between .50 and 1.50 mm.  For lower strings on bowed instruments (such as violins and viols), we carry Pirastro strings as well as a full range of Savarez wound strings (an open series of sizes, handy for scordatura tunings or smaller- or larger-than-usual bowed strings.)
We can also supply roped catline strings - 3 strands of gut twisted into a rope - in different gauges, as an alternative to very thick gut strings.  Most of our catline strings are made to order.  Please inquire.