Our Services

String Supplier

We carry many different types of strings, and we have many sizes in stock most of the time.  When we don't have something in stock, we'll tell you, and if it needs to come from one of our suppliers in Europe, we're often able to give you a time frame for when we may expect to have it for you, or we may  suggest an alternative.  

String Consultation

The early music field is large.  We provide strings for an enormous variety of instruments.  Whether you've been playing early music for a long time or are just starting out, we should be able to help you get strings that work for you. The information we need from you includes the vibrating string length (measurement from inside of bridge to inside of nut) of your instrument, the number of strings, and the tuning of the individual strings, as well as the general pitch level (a'=440 or a'=415 or a'=392 or whatever).  If your instrument has more than one vibrating string length (as, for example, lutes that have bass riders), we need all of the string lengths of all of the strings.

We'd like to know if you're looking for a particular kind of sound, in order to advise on which string materials will work best for you.

If you have an instrument on which you like the feel of some of the strings but maybe one of the strings just doesn't feel or sound right, we'd like to know that, too - especially if you can tell us which strings do work.  Sometimes we can adjust things for you, while sometimes it's best to start afresh with a newly calculated set.